Brand Identity


YISHUN brand logo interpretation

YISHUN used to be our English corporate name. In the new phase of corporate development, we reframed it as "Your Innovative Solutions Help Us Navigate the Bike Planet".

The planet which forms part of the logo indicates that all YISHUN people shall be united by one vision, one belief, and one culture, and we strive to serve people's lives with technology and make the Earth a better place.

It represents our higher aspiration to the future: to be the global leader in bicycle industry and all related outdoor categories.

It represents our will and determination to achieve complete market-oriented transformation, disruptive innovation and become a global enterprise. It inspired us to build a great and respectable company that is full of vitality and creativity.

Clear Space

The logo should always be retained clear space around it.

The absolute minimum required space is the width and height of
the "a" around the sides, top and bottom respectively.


Color Usage

The YISHUN logo has its primary colors: white, blue, purple and yellow.

The YISHUN logo is recommended in a solid gray/blue version when applied to a light or light-colored image background, and in a solid white version when applied to a dark or dark-colored image background.


Color Reference

HEX #8B76B4

C52 M56 Y0 K0
R139 G118 B180

HEX #043491

C100 M88 Y0 K0
R4 G52 B145


C5 M22 Y64 K0
R243 G205 B107


C0 M0 Y0 K12
R235 G235 B235


C0 M0 Y0 K26
R209 G209 B209


C0 M0 Y0 K8
R242 G242 B242