Duraflex™ Carbon Pro

Duraflex™ Carbon Pro

Unleashing Performance with High Modulus Carbon Fiber and Impact-Resistant Epoxy for Road Disc Brake Rims

Elevate your cycling experience with our Duraflex™ Carbon Pro road disc brake rims, meticulously crafted using the synergy of high modulus carbon fiber and impact-resistant epoxy. This cutting-edge prepreg technology revolutionizes rim performance, delivering unrivaled strength, weight optimization, and durability.

At the core of our manufacturing process lies the extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio of high modulus carbon fiber. Engineered to maximize power transfer, our rims provide a responsive and agile ride, propelling you forward with effortless speed.

By harnessing the lightweight properties of high modulus carbon fiber, we ensure exceptional maneuverability without compromising structural integrity.

Complementing the carbon fiber, our impact-resistant epoxy resin adds an additional layer of durability and protection. Specifically formulated to withstand intense forces and absorb impacts, it guarantees unwavering performance on rough terrain and fast descents.

Our rims, fortified with impact-resistant epoxy, instill unwavering confidence as you push the boundaries of your riding capabilities.

With meticulous attention to detail, our advanced prepreg technology enables precise control over the rim's construction. This ensures optimal layup design, enhancing characteristics such as lateral stiffness and vertical compliance. The result is a robust and responsive rim that excels in demanding riding conditions, offering the ultimate balance of performance and reliability.

Experience the extraordinary performance and durability of our Duraflex™ Carbon Pro road disc brake rims. Unleash your potential, conquer any challenge, and enjoy a ride that transcends boundaries. Our relentless pursuit of excellence guarantees a wheelset that revolutionizes your cycling experience.