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GRL40C Gravel Carbon Road Rim

GRL Series Rims

Experience unparalleled performance and versatility with our gravel carbon rims, meticulously crafted to elevate your gravel riding adventures. Featuring asymmetric profiles for optimized spoke tension and stiffness, choose from versatile tire bead options – clincher with mini-hook design or hookless – to match your riding preferences and terrain demands.

With a wide range of profile options and inner widths, our rims provide stability, traction, and comfort on varied gravel terrain, ensuring an exceptional riding experience. Engineered from premium carbon fabrics, our rims offer lightweight performance and exceptional durability, empowering you to conquer gravel trails with confidence.

Customize your ride with confidence, knowing that our gravel rims are designed for long-term value and lasting enjoyment, enabling you to push your limits and explore new horizons with every ride.


Profile infoI.W. infoModelBrake Type infoTire Type infoTire Bead infoVersionNet Weight infoUnit PriceMOQDelivery
30 mm24 mmGRL30CDisc BrakeCLINCHER & TLRMINI HOOKV2 / V3390g / 360g
25 mmGRL30SHOOKLESSV2 / V3390g / 360g
40 mm24 mmGRL40CMINI HOOKV1 / V2 / V3460g / 430g / 400g
25 mmGRL40SHOOKLESSV2 / V3430g / 400g
50 mm24 mmGRL50CMINI HOOKV2 / V3460g / 430g
21 mm25 mmGRL930HOOKLESSV2325g
24.5 mm27.5 mmGRL733365g


* Select model to quick view technical specifications and geometry details.


Weight 325 g
Model GRL930


Weight 365 g
Model GRL733

GRL30S - V2

Weight 390 g
Model GRL30SV2

GRL30S - V3

Weight 360 g
Model GRL30SV3

GRL40S - V2

Weight 430 g
Model GRL40SV2

GRL40S - V3

Weight 400 g
Model GRL40S

GRL50S - V2

Weight 460 g
Model GRL50SV2

GRL50S - V3

Weight 430 g
Model GRL50SV3



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    Brake Interface

    The reason for the trend towards disc brakes is a question of safety: disc brakes improve control. But what are the differences between disc and rim brake systems?

    Net Weight

    Tolerance of the net weight indication +/- 15g.

    Rim Height

    In cycling, rim height significantly impacts the aerodynamics, agility and weight of the wheel. The general principle is the higher the profile of the rim, the greater the aerodynamic advantage; the lower the profile of the rim, the greater the response and better the handling when cornering and changing speed.

    Tire Interface

    Hooked or crotchet refers to the shape of the rim flange. In this variant, the rim flange has a so-called hook. This supports the fixation of the tire bead and ensures safe function, also in high pressure use cases (>5 bar tire pressure). Tubeless refers to the ability of the rim to be used without a tube, but a tube set up is also possible.

    Rim Inner Width

    Tires with different widths and profiles are used depending on the surface. The choice of tire width for the respective purpose in road cycling results in a recommendation for the rim inner width.