ThermaCarbon™ Pro

ThermaCarbon™ Pro

Redefining Rim Brake Performance with High Modulus Carbon Fiber and Heat-Resistant Epoxy

Elevate your rim brake experience with our ThermaCarbon™ Pro rims, engineered to deliver unrivaled performance and reliability. Meticulously crafted using high modulus carbon fiber and heat-resistant epoxy, these rims redefine the boundaries of rim brake performance.

At the core of our design philosophy lies the exceptional strength-to-weight ratio of high modulus carbon fiber. This advanced material ensures optimal power transfer, transforming every pedal stroke into forward momentum. The lightweight construction of our rims enhances responsiveness and maneuverability, empowering riders to effortlessly navigate challenging terrains.

To complement the high modulus carbon fiber, we employ a heat-resistant epoxy resin that surpasses industry standards. This specialized resin formulation enables our rims to withstand the extreme temperatures generated during heavy braking. As a result, riders can push their limits with confidence, knowing that their rims will maintain their structural integrity and performance even under the most demanding braking conditions.

With the ThermaCarbon™ Pro rims, you can experience the perfect balance of weight, strength, and heat resistance. Embrace the next level of rim brake performance and unleash your potential on the road. Whether you're sprinting, climbing, or descending, our rims are engineered to deliver uncompromising performance, empowering you to conquer new challenges with every ride.