Trilines™ Lay-Up and Interlace™ Finish

Trilines™ Lay-Up and Interlace™ Finish

Redefining Carbon Rim Innovation

Prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary Trilines™ Lay-Up and Interlace™ Finish, a revolutionary combination that pushes the boundaries of carbon rim engineering to new heights.

With its distinct Trilines™ Lay-Up design and mesmerizing Interlace™ Finish, this cutting-edge technology demands attention and elevates your riding experience to unprecedented levels.

Trilines™ Lay-Up introduces a game-changing approach to carbon rim construction. Its intricate layout utilizes three precisely positioned prepreg lines that intersect like spokes, resulting in optimal weight reduction and exceptional strength.

By aligning these lines with the nipple hole, Trilines™ Lay-Up ensures seamless power transfer and balanced performance on every ride. But it doesn't stop there. The Interlace™ Finish is a visual masterpiece, meticulously crafted to create an interwoven pattern that exudes elegance and sophistication. This attention-grabbing finish sets your wheels apart from the crowd, leaving a lasting impression with its unique aesthetic appeal.

Experience the Trilines™ Lay-Up and Interlace™ Finish difference. Embrace the future of carbon rim technology and make a statement with your ride. Prepare to turn heads and ignite your passion for cycling like never before.

Trilines™ Lay-Up and Interlace™ Finish - where innovation meets visual allure.