GraphiMax™ Advanced Composite

GraphiMax™ Advanced Composite

Unleashing Performance in MTB Rim Technology

Push the boundaries of your mountain biking experience with our GraphiMax™ Advanced Composite MTB rims. Through a revolutionary combination of high modulus carbon fiber and nano-graphene reinforced epoxy, we have created a game-changing material technology that delivers unrivaled performance on the trails.

Harnessing the strength and stiffness of high modulus carbon fiber, our MTB rims provide exceptional power transfer, precise handling, and unmatched responsiveness. This lightweight construction allows riders to conquer technical descents, navigate tight corners, and tackle challenging terrain with agility and confidence.

The integration of nano-graphene particles into the epoxy resin takes our rims to the next level. This advanced reinforcement enhances impact resistance, extending the durability and longevity of our rims in the face of harsh trail conditions. Riders can confidently push their limits, knowing that our MTB rims are engineered to withstand the demanding forces encountered during aggressive trail riding.

Not only does the nano-graphene reinforcement enhance strength, but it also improves heat dissipation properties. This prevents overheating during intense descents, ensuring consistent performance and reliability on long rides.

With our GraphiMax™ Advanced Composite rims, riders can unleash their full potential, pushing boundaries and experiencing the exhilaration of conquering any terrain.

Elevate your mountain biking performance with our carbon rims featuring high modulus carbon fiber and nano-graphene reinforced epoxy. Experience the power, strength, and durability that redefine the possibilities of MTB rim technology.