AquaArch™ Technology

AquaArch™ Technology

Harnessing the Power of Water Drop Reinforcement

Introducing AquaArch™ Technology, a revolutionary advancement in carbon rim design. Inspired by the graceful form of water droplets, our patented AquaArch™ profile combines structural reinforcement and spoke lacing guidance into one elegant solution.

At the heart of this innovation lies the meticulous design of the nipple hole area. The AquaArch™ profile provides unparalleled reinforcement, significantly enhancing the strength and durability of our carbon rims. By precisely distributing material in this critical zone, we achieve an optimal balance of structural integrity and weight reduction, resulting in lighter, more efficient rims that excel in demanding riding conditions.

Moreover, the distinctive shape of the AquaArch™ serves as a natural guide for spoke lacing direction. The tapered end of the drop intuitively indicates the ideal path for spoke placement, simplifying the wheel-building process and ensuring precise and balanced spoke tension. This streamlined approach guarantees optimal wheel performance and longevity.

Experience the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics with AquaArch™ Technology. Discover the power of water-inspired design, as it unleashes a new level of strength, efficiency, and reliability in your cycling adventures. Elevate your riding experience and embrace the future of carbon rim technology.