Our Company

Our vision is to make it easy to do bicycle business.

Who is Yishun

Founded in 2008, YISHUN is a growing global provider of carbon products around the bike. We server more than twenty thousands clients over past fifteen years.

YISHUN's mission is to build a flexible and efficient supply chain around the bike.

To this end, we work with various industry and ecosystem partners to shape new mindsets, and new models for cooperation and building trust, and co-create a harmonious and healthy global industry ecosystem.

20 countries

YISHUN in Xiamen,   Huizhou and other places have a number of manufacturing bases, subsidiaries which are located in the Germany, France, Switzerland and other 20 countries and regions, the service system covers Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa and other major regions of the world.

In China, as of 2024


production lines

5 carbon production lines (1 under construction)



4 intelligent manufacturing plants


Digital Center

5 digital center (1 under construction)

Together, We’re Building for Tomorrow





Transcend to lead the future

YISHUN established in an 80 square meters apartment by Karen and Danny to start carbon frameset business.


YISHUN started wheel-buidling business by working with Taiwan and Amoy manufacturers.


YISHUN setup painting workshop to provide customized painting service, providing stable carbon frameset solutions, and headquatered to Amoy with 1000 square meters office, working with French colleage.


YISHUN started carbon rim and components manufacturing factory, expanding into 3000 square meters space.


YISHUN established Germany branch in Dusseldorf to provide local service to European customers.


YISHUN lighted up a digital transformation project to upgrade and integrate the supply chain, established global R&D center, expanding into 10000 square meters space with over 100 employees.


YISHUN started bike planet meta verse project.


Quality Policy

  • Always keep in mind that quality is the foundation of Yishun's survival, and the reason for the customer to choose Yishun.
  • We communicate customers’ requirements and expectations to the entire value chain of Yishun accurately, to build quality together.
  • We respect rules and processes and do things right the first time; We fulfill potential of employees around the globe for continuous improvement.
  • We work with customers to balance opportunities and risks, quickly responding to their needs and achieving sustainable growth.
  • We undertake to provide customers quality-assured products, services, and solutions and consistently enable customers to experience our commitment in creating value for each of them.

Social Responsibility

YISHUN Bike Planet is fully committed to leveraging our scale and efficiency to drive a more sustainable economy that supports our customers, parteners, employees and our planet to the bicycle ecosystem.

YISHUN has permeated the concept of sustainable development into the whole chain of enterprise operation, andgathered the little power to build a sustainable future together.