UniteFlex™ Lamination Technology

UniteFlex™ Lamination Technology

Elevating Carbon Rim Construction to New Heights

At the core of our carbon rim manufacturing lies our groundbreaking UniteFlex™ Lamination Technology. This advanced process combines cutting-edge machinery and meticulous attention to detail to achieve flawless lamination of the prepreg layers. Our specially designed lamination machine applies precise pressure, while the vacuuming process ensures the complete elimination of trapped air.

By eliminating bubbles and achieving a solid bond between each layer, our UniteFlex™ Lamination Technology creates carbon rims of unparalleled strength, durability, and performance. The precisely controlled pressure application and meticulous vacuuming process guarantee a consistent and reliable construction, meeting the highest quality standards.

With UniteFlex™ Lamination Technology, our carbon rims deliver exceptional performance and reliability on any terrain. Riders can confidently push their limits, knowing that their carbon rims are engineered to withstand the most demanding riding conditions. Experience the pinnacle of carbon rim construction with our UniteFlex™ Lamination Technology and embark on thrilling adventures with confidence and control.