DynamicForce™ Reinforcement Technology

DynamicForce™ Reinforcement Technology

Unleashing Strength and Weight Optimization in Carbon Rims

Introducing DynamicForce™ Reinforcement Technology, our revolutionary advancement in carbon rim construction. With precision engineering and meticulous material distribution, DynamicForce™ strategically reinforces the most critical areas of our rims, achieving unmatched strength and weight optimization.

Through the integration of a pre-made carbon stripe with variable thickness, DynamicForce™ ensures targeted reinforcement precisely where it's needed most - the nipple hole areas. This innovative approach provides exceptional resistance to pulling forces while reducing weight in non-drilling sections, resulting in an ideal balance of strength and lightweight performance.

Our commitment to seamless integration and structural integrity is reflected in every aspect of DynamicForce™. This technology eliminates the need for additional reinforcement materials or complex assembly techniques, streamlining the manufacturing process while maintaining exceptional quality.

Experience the power of DynamicForce™ Reinforcement Technology and unlock the full potential of your ride. Elevate your cycling experience with carbon rims that combine strength, weight optimization, and uncompromising performance.